What do we do?

Butler County Landfill is located in Butler County near David City, NE. We are the one of the major Landfills on the eastern side of Nebraska. The landfill can properly handle municipal solid waste, construction and demolition and non-hazardous special waste including fly ash, contaminated soil, asbestos and other non-hazardous special wastes. The landfill also has an active methane gas collection system.

What do we take?

We accept Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Construction Demolition (CD), approved special waste and contaminated soils. Yard waste is allowed all year round due to our active gas collection system.


  • Waste Oil
  • Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Unregulated Hazardous Waste
  • Scrap Tires (in any form) - We accept seperately for processing.
  • Discarded Household Appliances - We accept separately for recycling.

How can you find us?

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What is the price for a typical public load?

Household: $76.00/ton -- $40 minimum
Industrial: $76.00/ton -- $40 minimum
Special Waste: $54.00/ton -- $25 minimum
Asbestos: $55.50
C&D: $71.50/ton -- $40 minimum
Non-Hazardous Industrial Liquids: $0.46/gallon -- $250 minimum
Animal: $45.00
Rubble: $25.00
Unload Fee: $18.00

*The materials in this table all have a $1.75/ton Environmental Fee and $1.25/ton State Fee.

Is there a special price for Tires, E-Waste, White Goods, Batteries, Green Waste, Wood Waste, etc?

Appliances: $8.00
Appliances Include: Dishwashers, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, and Water Heaters
Contaminated Soil: $37.50
   Car $3.50
   Truck $6.50
   Tractor $12.50
   Bulk/Ton $129.00

*Tires have a $1.75/ton Environmental Fee
*Appliances with Freon must be tagged by a Certified Freon Remover as Freon Free or they cannot be accepted

Do we take Checks, ATM or Credit Cards?

Yes, no ATM.

What is the Phone Number?


Can I email a question?

Yes, you can email Annette Snyder (annettes@wcnx.org) office clerk or Kelly Danielson (kellyd@wncx.org) Assistant District Manager.

Who is the Special Waste Contact?

Annette Snyder and Kelly Danielson.